E-Volt TIG-200 220V 180A

2-in-1 TIG & MMA DC Inverter Welder, 

High Frequency DC TIG, Excellent TIG Performance!

Six (6) Months warranty

Welds stainless steel, iron & Mild Steel,

Good for material 0.3mm thin to 5 mm thickness,

Includes TIG Torch, MMA Holder, Ground Clamp and TIG accessories.

MMA Suitable for 1.6mm (14 Guage) to 3.2mm (10 Guage) E6013 Rods

Can this DC TIG weld aluminum?

Yes it can weld aluminum, and produce strong welds too, but wont always give a pretty weld as with AC TIG. Also, a modification is needed to install additional connection plug, to be able to switch polarity. This will cost an additional $100 and included the 1/8" Tungsten and collet needed.

May have a more flat, "slabby" appearance and a lot more control of Arc needed to weld aluminum

See suggestions for welding aluminum below

Up to 1/8" thick aluminum using

Argon Gas, DCEP polarity, 1/8" tungsten

1/4" to 1/2" inch think aluminum:

Pure Helium Gas, DCEN polarity, 1/8" tungsten

Cost: $2100


In Stock

Double pulse MIG for welding aluminum coming soon!