Prescott 220V 200A real current DC MMA ARC Welder,

Portable, Lightweight & Very Powerful,

Cuts holes effortlessly,

Welds 1.6mm to 4.0mm (14 to 8 Guage) E6013 and E7018 rods,

Weight 16lbs

100% Duty Cycle @ 10 Guage rods

60% Duty Cycle @8 Guage rods

Can even weld 6.0mm (6 Guage) E6013 rods at 35% Duty Cycle

IGBT Inverter Technology,

ARC-Force Stabilization: Prevents cutting off when welder pulls away from arc slightly,

Anti-Stick, Hot-Start, Lightweight,

Power indicator, Overheat protection

Includes mask, brush, 10-50 220V plug, carrying strap

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Cost: $1700


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