E-VOLT 200A 220V Double pulse MIG welder capable of welding aluminum even better than a ACDC TIG.

6 Function modes: MIG/MAG, Pulse MIG, Double Pulse MIG, MMA, TIG & Pulse TIG

Mig Welder penetration over 1/4" thickness,

Uses pure Argon for aluminum and CO2 or CO2/Argon mix for steel/stainless

Use the display panel to guide you on amperage setting based on thickness and gas required based on welded material

(TIG accessories NOT included)

IGBT technology,

100% Duty Cycle MIG 0.030" wire

60% Duty Cycle MMA 8 Guage E6013 and LH7018 rods,

100% Duty Cycle MMA 10 Guage rods

Weight: 28 pounds

Contact Shivan at: 735-7316

Includes MIG gun, MMA holder, ground clamp, hand mask, brush10-50p (3-pin 220V) plug.

Cost: $4200


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