200A 220V DC Arc Welder Inverter,

Weld 1/2 inch thick steel with ease, using up to 8 guage (4mm) 6013 and LH 7018 electrodes!

220V 200A smart chip, 85% duty cycle for Arc Welding,

Supports Lift tig also, 50% duty cycle for TIG (tig accessories not included)

Hot start, arc force and anti-stick

All round protection: over-heating protection; over-current protection; over/under voltage protection

Lower power consumption for energy saving

Great for:

Structural Fabrication & Construction

Can be used for hardware, fence, windows, frames, sheet metal, car chassis, roofs ... you name it!

Comes with Nema 10-50 3-pin (220V) plug,

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Cost: $1800


Out of Stock

Double pulse MIG for welding aluminum coming soon!