E-VOLT MIG-160 Gasless/ Gas and MMA Arc Welder 140A 110V/ 160A 220V

MMA welds up to 10 guage welding rods,

Free 2.2lb 0.030'" roll gasless flux cored mig wire included,

Three months warranty

(TIG accessories NOT included)

IGBT technology,

For 0.8-1.0 mm (0.030-0.040") flux-cored welding wire,

For 0.8 (0.030") solid gas welding wire,

60% Duty Cycle

Weight: 17.5 pounds

Contact Shivan at: 735-7316

Comes with 110V plug

Test/ Set-up video:

Click here to see setup/ test video

Parts available:

Main replacement board $700

Cost: $2100


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